Client: Patricia Lashley

“Matt is clearly passionate about his work. His dedication and perseverance shines through in every session and no training request or requirement is too big. When you think you’re giving your all is there to ensure you leave after 110% has been given. Your local walk-in ready for battle and leave winning the war. Injuries he works around them all and knows when to Taylor move to suit all, while ensuring your training needs are met and is extremely welcoming.”

Client: Charlie Morgan

“Been seeing Matt for a quite a few years now. He’s a great bloke but an even better personal trainer. Over the years I’ve struggled with my fluctuations in weight but Matt’s knowledge and understanding of the body has meant that I can type this recommendation at a healthy and strong 104kg (I’m 197cm!!). He has also been incredibly valuable as a dietician, helping me plan my meals and allowing me to enjoy healthy food again. Matt, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for everything over the years, I can’t wait to see what we can still achieve together. Highly recommend!🙌🙌🙌”

Client: Joe Hall

“I started training with Matt just over a year ago once a week, I was 14st 4lb … Within a yeah I was down to 13st 2lb! Since the lockdown I have stuck to my fitness goals and not let my goals disappear.
I am currently doing 3 x 30 minutre online Zoom sessions based around HITT training… I’m also following my nutritional plan.
And I am now down to 12st 10lb the lightest I have been for years. I would never have done this without the support and encouragement from Matt.
Thanks for everything

Client: Kirsty Jeanette

Brilliant personal trainer really gets you motivated in boot camp training especially when exercising isn’t really your ‘thing’ 🙂 would definitely recommend

Client: Clare Richards

Matt has been my personal trainer for about 8 year he had helped me achieve the various goals and challenges I have set myself. He is a friendly guy motivational and makes training fun.

Client: Tom Hudson

Down 3 and half stone so far in 12 weeks, only trainer ever had results with! Always encouraging you to do more and get the results!!

Client: Arta Golestani

“Matt has been amazing at keeping me fit and motivated during this lockdown. The exercises are quite varied and make the sessions worth while.
I am glad Matt has managed to provide these sessions on zoom which also helps with one’s mental well-being at the same time.”

Client: Helen Burrows 

Just got back from my 1st training session this year with Matt, I never feel like training but I have got to say I always feel good after, Matt always makes the sessions fun even though they are hard work, he motivates you to do your best, encourages you to reach your goals and i would certainly recommend him, I have been using Matt for the last 3 and half years and I wouldn’t be without him, Thanks Matt you always make a difference….Helen

Client:  Natalie Ford

Very professional, great personal trainer, would highly recommend.