My client Charlotte started training with me mid July in lockdown,she came to me wanting to lose weight,tone up and start to feel like her old self again...
After struggling to lose weight after having her daughter, and falling into bad habits through the start of lockdown it was time to turn a corner!!..
Since training with myself she’s lost weight since week one and inches all around..she is currently weighing at 9st 6lb he target is 9 stone so we are well on the way!
Whilst losing the weight the inches have fallen off too losing a total of 11 and half inches all round her body whilst building and maintaining muscle
I’m very proud of her as lockdown has affected us all but Charlotte has proved nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and work hard.
Lottie is buzzing and has so much energy, I’ve seen a huge change in her as her confidence has grown .... only negative is she keeps needing a new wardrobe
Keep up the good work Lottie, your next target is coming fast

My client Josh @jobmusic_  smashing his weekly workouts, Josh came to me in July weighing 22st 9lb. He is training with me twice a week, concentrating a lot on compound movements which is speeding up his metabolism (which burns more fat) combined with a controlled nutrition plan, the weight is falling off, whilst he’s building muscle and increasing his strength he’s also burning fat.
His weight to date is currently 19st 9lb so 3 stone since July! Keep up the good work mate💪🏻

Massive Congratulations to one of my clients Clare Kitchen. Clare has lost 3 stone and dropped substantial dress sizes. On 4th July Clare was a size 16, and this week she bought her first pair of size 10 trousers, fantastic!! Maintained by a strict nutritional plan Clare has achieved great results and continues to do so she hasn’t stopped yet, she trains hard every week and just shows if you want it you can get it! Well done Clare 🙌🏻

My client Emma Bastock has transformed herself 6 months after giving birth to her 2nd child! Putting in maximum effort every week combined with a strict diet plan and running outside to maintain her fitness levels, Emma not only juggles being a mom to 2 kids she always finds time to get her sessions in weekly, being a mom and getting back in shape is not easy but Emma has proved it can be done with hard work and commitment! Losing 2 and a half stone for her wedding day in 6 months has just shown the determination Emma had and what you can achieve. Well done and congratulations Em keep it up your smashing it!

Another transformation and success story. My client Kian Golestani has done an amazing job shedding over a stone in weight and improving his strength and fitness.
Kian has dropped from 15st to 13st 7lb and he is still continuing to lose. A keen skier Kian has improved his fitness levels massively to enable him to enjoy day to day life and his skiing holidays even more. Kian commits to early sessions 6:30am every week managing to blast his PT sessions before a busy day of work in the office. Life is busy but you have to make time to get the results you want, combined with good nutrition the results will follow!! #fact
Keep up the good work Buddy your doing great and I can’t wait to see how far you can go..
“You get out what you put in”

Summers around the corner... my client Rich stripping up nicely! Check out the road maps on his arms! Dropping body fat percentage whilst maintaining lean muscle. Keep it up mate!

My client Tom Hudson absolutely smashing his training and diet programme. "Before" picture on the left October '14, "After" picture on right, February '15. Tom lost a massive 4 Stone 6 lb, he is still on his journey so watch this space and I will keep you posted with more achievements! Proud of you mate!

Another happy client with great results, John came to me wanting to lose bodyfat percentage, tone up and get in shape! As you can see, hard work does pay off! Following my nutrition and fitness plan, his bodyfat percentage is down and a loss of inches all around. He's gone from a 38" waist to 32" waist whilst gaining good fitness levels and maintaining muscle!

Inspiration time ladies!! My client Glenda, 64 years old (yes you heard me right 64!!) came to me wanting to get in shape for her son's wedding, and as you can see by that photos, she nailed it. She looked fantastic on the day and she still does now! Just goes to show age is just a number and should not stand in the way of your results, with spot-on nutrition and realistic goals anything can be achieved!

My client Alex came to me at the start of the new year with a resolution to strip bodyfat percentage and get lean gains! As you can see he's smashing my 12 weeks designed plan and nutrition advice. Stripping fat off the waist with clean nutrition, whilst gaining size on the legs, shoulders, arms.